‘Germination’ Review

Author: Jamie Thornton

Year of Release: 2015

Genre: Apocalyptic/Young Adult

Number of Pages: 92

**I received this book for free from the author in exchange for an honest review* 

Where do I even start? I guess here: it’s refreshing to finally read a disease-centred apocalyptic story that feels real. 

Ms.Thornton doesn’t sugarcoat the ways in which people would need to act in order to survive in the world left after a disease addles minds and turns people into monsters of the literal kind.

The characters are believable, with the voice of Mary providing readers with the opportunity to identify with a character that faced hardship after hardship. 

I for one cannot wait to see what happen next in the Feast of Weeds series. 

Rating: 5/5 zombie-infected teenagers


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