Rippler Review

Author: Cidney Swanson

Release: 2013

Genre: Young Adult, Supernatural

Pages: 288

In Rippler, Sam Ruiz doesn’t know that anything about her whatsoever is exceptional. Not until Will realizes that when she is at peace she disappears (or ‘ripples’).

Thus begins the adventure that kept me glued to my Kobo for hours at a time. It’s a book that allows the reader to completely lose themselves in the story, becoming increasingly emotionally attached to the realistic characters.

The historic journal entries were out of a horror story, with characters being subjected to Mengele-like experiments.

If you’re looking for a fast-paced, heart in your throat book than Rippler is for you.

Rating: 5/5 relaxing waterfalls


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One response to “Rippler Review

  1. I love this book and can’t wait to finish the series. I swear some of these books hardly ever get the recognition they deserve. Nice review.


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