Death of a Batty Genius Review

Author: Angela Pepper

Release: June 29th 2015

Genre: Mystery, Cozy Mystery

Pages: 326

**I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review**

After the cliffhanger ending of Death of a Crafty Knitter, Stormy Day yet again finds herself in the middle of an investigation. But this time, it’s in a different locale than her beloved Misty Falls. After the unexpected arrival of her ex-fiancee Christopher, Stormy and her best friend Jessica travel to a yet-to-be-opened mountain lodge owned by Christopher’s cousin Butch and his wife Marie.

Through the various twists and turns, readers will bask in the winter wonderland setting that exists in the book while dealing with summer’s extreme heat.When Stormy and co. reach the resort they’re faced with a group of friends they briefly met early; the batty geniuses. Their backstories mixed with the already strong characters that existed in the first two books combine to make a story that is so insanely addictive that readers will find it hard to put down.

What are you waiting for? Get your hands on this series and let yourself become enveloped in the lives of Stormy Day and her faithful friends.

Rating: 5/5 snowshoes


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