Breakfast at Darcy’s Review

Breakfast at Darcy's

(*This is a photo from

Author: Ali McNamara

Release: 2011

Genre: Chick-Lit/Romance

Pages: 427

I’ve officially found my next travel destination thanks to this book: Ireland. Set on a fictitious island off the coast of Dublin, Breakfast at Darcy’s tells the stories of a 28 year old woman who inherits an island from her recently deceased Aunty Molly. As a full-fledged city girl living in London and obsessed with designer clothing, Darcy’s inheritance comes as a true shock. Tasked with inhabiting the island for a full year with at least a 15-person community, the book takes you on a remarkable journey of self-discovery and Irish delights.

Folklore and myths have always fascinated me, and Ms. McNamara’s inclusion of Celtic lore absolutely blew me away. The symbolism and depth of the various facets mentioned in the book will resonate with each reader on a different level. This is truly a book that will keep you up till all hours of the night because you just need to know what happens next.

I cannot wait to read more of these beautiful novels by a writer that knows how to pull on the heartstrings and inspire her readers in an effortless way.

Rating: 5/5 Claddagh rings


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