Survivors Review

Author: Violet Cross

Release: 2014

Genre: Dystopia/Post-Apocalyptic

**I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review**

An ambitious start to the career of newcomer Violet Cross, Survivors is the tale of feuding tribes in a post-apocalyptic world.

Protagonist Lacey Young is a likeable lead character that’s hell-bent on protecting her 16-year old sister Layla. As the respected leader of her tribe, Lacey is tasked with finding various artifacts that will help keep the feared ‘Divines’ away.

In this world, the aforementioned Divines are the rulers of the realm; humans who have superhero-esque abilities that they use to dominate the world. Another way of establishing their dominance is through the imposition of the taxation policies that often lead to the end of tribes if they can’t provide to them.

When I got to the point of the plot twist, I was so shocked that I just stared at the page for a good while trying to comprehend how I didn’t catch on earlier. That, to me, is the sign of a good author.

I can’t wait to see what Ms. Cross has in store for us in the future, as well as for the future of this book series.

Rating: 4/5 artifacts


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