The Bone Season Review


(*This is a photo from

Author: Samantha Shannon

Release: 2013

Genre: Fantasy

Pages: 452

Truly one of the most engaging and addictive books I have read in a long time, I could not talk myself into putting The Bone Season down once I had started it. Ms. Shannon immerses readers in an alternate version of Europe, where the Scion rules supreme and works to stop the onslaught of clairvoyants roaming in the nations.

Our protagonist comes in the form of Paige Mahoney, a powerful clairvoyant who works in the underground world of London for the Syndicate. After being captured and forced into a world previously unknown to her, Paige is embroiled with new information that will change her world forever.

The sheer thought and detail gone into the creation of this world makes me believe that Ms. Shannon will soon become recognized as one of most inventive, groundbreaking authors of her generation.

I encourage you readers who have not entered this amazing world of Scion Europe to do so as soon as you can. Let yourself escape to a place where your mind will never stop trying to figure out various nuances. You won’t regret it.

Rating: 5/5 dreamwalkers


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