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The Astronaut Wives Club Review


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Author: Lily Koppel

Release: 2013

Genre: Non-Fiction

Pages: 272

As I didn’t grow up in this generation, there was a lot I wouldn’t have known about the space program if I hadn’t picked up this book. Having seen the numerous commercials for the mini-series last year, the story intrigued me. When I found the book for $2, I figured it was meant to be.

I absolutely adored this behind the scenes look at the space programs. I never really knew anything about the space programs, save for watching Apollo 13 years ago. I couldn’t help but sympathize for the wives whose husbands were being launched into such an unknown territory while still having to put on a brave face for their children and the Life Magazine reporters following their every move.

The Original Seven wives were my favourite, each with their own distinct story and personality. If I were a woman in that era, I definitely would be a huge fan of Annie Glenn.

Being terrified of the vastness of space ever since I can remember, this book gave me a new respect for the women having to cope here on Earth and for the men who are brave enough to go into parts unknown.

I cannot wait to start reading more about the generation, as I am now utterly fascinated.

Rating: 5/5 Astronaut Wives


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