First Among Sequels Review


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Author: Jasper Fforde

Release: 2007

Genre: Fiction

Pages: 363

Fourteen years after the events of Something Rotten, we catch up with Thursday Next who now has three children and is still heavily involved in the happenings of Bookworld.

This book brings together the cast of characters from the previous books in the series while introducing readers to new characters (most notably her children), this book ensnared me in its twisting plotlines.

Whenever Thursday is in the Bookworld, I want to be right there with her. Honestly, what could be better than interacting with book characters and seeing your favourite tales from the inside? It’s like reading a bookworm’s dream come true.

I can’t wait to continue reading the books in this series. If you want a treat for your book-loving soul, be sure to pick up First Among Sequels.

Rating: 5/5 LiteraTech Agents


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