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Poppy McVie

I am finally back now, my lovely fellow bookworms!

To begin my return, I wanted to focus on giving a theme song to one of my current favourite book characters; Poppy McVie. Poppy McVie is the title character in Kimberli A. Bindschatel’s Poppy McVie Adventure books. A feisty Special Operations agent with a passion for protecting animals, Poppy is the kind of character that teenage girls would find to be a good role model. She isn’t afraid t0 be who she is and stand up for what she believes in.

This brings me to a song that I believe perfectly encapsulates her character: Something Wild by Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness and Lindsey Stirling. As a longtime fan of Andrew McMahon from his beginnings with the band Something Corporate, to the more popular Jack’s Mannequin and now to his current act, his team up with violin virtuoso Lindsey Stirling brings about a beautiful song.

The following lyric is one that I believe captures the essence of Poppy McVie:

“The way you see the world, it got you this far. You might have some bruises and a few scars, but you know you’re going to be okay.”

To hear the full song on Youtube click the link: Something Wild

More about Poppy McVie will be coming to Bookworm Buzzes soon, as I am currently reading the newest instalment of the series Operation Grizzly Camp. 

To learn more about the author and Poppy McVie, visit: http://www.kimberlibindschatel.com



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Mockingjay Dream Playlist


(This playlist is based on the book, not the movie)

Katniss and Peeta’s Theme

Music Box by The Cinematic Orchestra (Listen Here)

“Little bit of gold, little bit of pearl

Wrap yourself around the world”

Prim’s Death

Fire and Rain by James Taylor (Listen Here)

“My body is aching and my time is at hand,

and I won’t make it any other way.”

Haymitch’s Theme

Mad World by Gary Jules (Listen Here)

“Hide my head, I wanna drown my sorrow

No tomorrow, no tomorrow.”

Finnick’s Death Scene

Hold Back the River by James Bay (Listen Here)

“Tried to keep you close to me,

But life got in-between”

Squad 451 Theme

Swim by Jack’s Mannequin (Listen Here)

“The whole world is watching,

You haven’t come this far to fall off the earth.”

Coin’s Assassination

Know Your Enemy by Green Day (Listen Here)

“Bringing on the fury, 

The choir infantry,

Revolt against the honour to obey.”

Snow’s Death

Another One Bites the Dust by Queen (Listen Here)

“But I’m ready, yes, I’m ready for you

I’m standing on my own two feet,

Out of the doorway bullets rip.”


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